Agent Lynch’s Top 10 Films of the 60s (Part I)

1. Belle de Jour (1967) Directed by Luis Bunuel this film had so many vivid scenes I thought about them for days afterward. It was only on my third watch that I realised it was completely without music. The story is that Severine (Catherine Deneuve) is very cool physically, chaste with her husband, but [...]

Hot off my glittery hard drive:Aurelia Thevevin Paris Shoot

Monday, 26 October 2009, 9:11 | Category : photoshoots, Travel, Uncategorized
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My new pictures from renowned fashion photographer Aurelia Thevevin have just arrived! I did the shoot back in September in Paris when I popped over to see Gentry’s revue: It was a fun shoot and I had a total hair fluke with my front curl. I have tried to recreate  it since…  but I just [...]


DISCO lives! After only 10 days to promote and organise it STUDIO 64 on Friday R.O.C.K.E.D. BGWMC is one of my favourite venue’s, and it’s the first place I ever performed. I just love the SMELL of it: slightly musty, tinged with an indefinable smell of good times past. I swear that room has good [...]

Agent Lynch’s Studio 64 Friday 9th October

Dance under the famous magic mirror ball! Canoodle in the cosmic kissing booth, and enjoy a night of far-out cabaret starring: Prolific one man band and modern-day Jimi Hendrix: Lewis Floyd Henry! I LOVE LEWIS! If you have seen a man with surrounded by 100s of people on Brick Lane on a Sunday you [...]

Bestival Swan Song of the Summer

Friday: Bestival was upon us again last weekend, the last festival of the summer! Last year the festival was plagued by a LOT of rain, so we were all keeping our fingers crossed for an Indian summer. We lucked out it was beauuuutiful! I was performing 6 shows, 4 at Time for Tease Tent and [...]

Reading VIP Tent Mission Report

Thursday, 3 September 2009, 8:40 | Category : Festivals, missions, Travel
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   BazalgetteIt’s the first time I have been to Reading, the crowd are a bit younger than most of the festivals I perform at. You get the feeling that these kids have saved up their money to come all summer, and they are bloody well going to make the most of it! I like it! [...]


Friday, 28 August 2009, 10:34 | Category : missions, Travel
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I just got back last week from performing at the Sarajevo Film Festival at the “Burlesque Voyage” Show at the Coloseum Casino. It was my first ever visit to Bosnia and it was not the bombed-out concrete re-build nightmare I was expecting, it was actually beautiful! It’s a sweetie bag mix of mosques, grand European-style [...]