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Agent Lynch shot for Dice Magazine by Julian Balme

Agent Lynch shot for Dice Magazine by Julian Balme

Good evening, I have been expecting you. Pull up a seat and make yourself martini, shaken and not spilt. 

I am your host Agent Lynch and welcome to my psychedelic 60s world. I will be writing from my secret Dalston hideaway about my latest secret missions across the globe. I also have my spies, satellite powered telecommunication homing devices, lemon powered conbobulators and eyes in every wall to bring you the latest and greatest burlesque, 60s, and 70s happenings around London town. Please check back when you can and there might be a shiny new blog entry waiting for you or subscribe with RSS to get updates via email. Pretty high tech for 1967.

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2011 Roundup

They say as you get older, time goes quickly, we jeez Louise, didn’t 2011 go past in a freaking flash.

Here are some great memories from 2011

Steamboat Bordello Royal Wedding Party
Organised by the same great team behind Boom Boom, La Reve and Bete Noir I always love performing at their events and this was perhaps my ultimate Royal Wedding show. Plus as you get on the boat at 4, by the time the Steamer docks at 10:30 you feel like you’ve had a cracking night out you can be in bed by midnight. (I love getting up early, I’m a lame showgirl)

Agent Lynch Roxy Velvet

Agent Lynch

London Burlesque Festival
My Kate Middleton parody show continued at this year’s London Burlesque Festival. This was my 4th year as Secret’s in Lace’s UK spokesmodel and its always fun to host the fashion show (If a little daunting) It’s odd to think I’d rather take all my clothes off on stage than speak into a mic. But that I did, well dressed in lingerie, so not precisely out of my comfort zone. Lot’s of leopard print designs this year so all the showgirl models were thrilled with their looks. You can see a great video of all of this years Secrets in Lace models here
Agent Lynch Secrets in LaceAgent Lynch Secrets in LaceSecrets in Lace

Phix Shoot

The film Director Phil Sansom and I have been friends for years and I’ve been lucky enough to be cast in some of his videos. The 60s styled The Enemy video being one of my favourites. We collaborated on two great projects this year. One was a photoshoot in Norfolk in June. We found a great forest that kind of reminded us of the USA and we managed to just grab the last few minutes of the ‘golden hour’ light. It was nice to do something a bit more ‘fashiony’ and not cheesecake. See more of Phil’s great work at www.phixfilm.com
Agent Lynch PhixAgent Lynch Phix
The second was a promo video for the amazing clubnight My Secret Disco. Which involved Cherry Shakewell, Rupert who runs MSD and I running round Abney Cemetery in Stoke Newington. I got pretty attached to my fangs!

Nightmare Before Xmas from My Secret Disco on Vimeo.

Nightmare Before Xmas from My Secret Disco on Vimeo.

Agent Lynch My Secret Disco
Agent Lynch

Be Burlesque

In May I went to Paris to shoot for the Be Burlesque book. It was lovely to be asked to be part of such a project which features some of my favourite fellow dancers such as Lada Redstar, Millicent Binks and Lala Morte.

Agent Lynch

Then 2011 finally saw the release of The Domestic Burlesque by Elsa Quarsell. I actually posed for Elsa way back in 2008 and she went on to photograph dancers all across the world and my lovely friend Laurie Hagen is on the cover.

Agent Lynch

Studio 64

It was a good year for my Cabaret production Studio 64 as we returned for a Prince themed mammoth 6 week run at the Brickhouse and a run at the Phoenix Club in Vienna. It was great to work with Petra Storrs and Rachel Friere on the costumes too. They really took my ideas and ran with it into something I didn’t expect. My obsession with pyrotechnics continued too with the invention of what we affectionately nicknamed the ‘Crotch Rocket’

Agent Lynch230507_10150595015580145_616150144_18413067_8205205_n

Agent Lynch

We then took it on the road for our annual Cabaret at Winterwell Festival and we brought Sara Louise Young, and Annette Betty along for the ride.

Sarah Louise YoungAnnette Betty262737_10150677385480391_889680390_18966285_1234011_n

Festival escapades also continued at Beach Break Live with Bearded Kitten and at Camp Bestival where I performed in a child free 1am slot at Silent Disco for Rob da Bank. An odd experience performing with headphones…

Agent Lynch

Living it large backstage with.....salad

Living it large backstage with.....salad

Rowan and myself are enthusiastic festival goers

Pimp my Gold Buggy

Pimp my Gold Buggy

Sarah Holgate Artist Liasion extraordinaire

Sarah Holgate Artist Liasion extraordinaire

Edinburgh Fringe

Next up was my first proper run at the Edinburgh Fringe. I did one night up there in 2007 when I guested in my friend Reggie Watts’s show. I was thrilled when dancer Gypsy Wood and comedian Asher Treleaven asked me to join their brilliant show Comic Strip, a potent mix of comedians and striptease.

Gypsy Wood

Gypsy Wood

Gypsy, Plants and Trees

Gypsy, Plants and Trees

I also joined Frank Sanazi’s Comedy Blitzkrieg as his loving daughter ‘Nancy Sanazi’ with a comedy rendition of ‘These Jack Boots are made for Walking’. I’m afraid I took to singing with whip and screaming in unsuspecting patrons faces rather well.

Agent Lynch Frank SanaziFrank and I, a lovely father daughter pair

Dans Paleis - home of Comic Strip

Dans Paleis - home of Comic Strip

I also popped into Miss Behave’s The Mess for a night, what fun that was.

Here’s me full of life (and cava) on my final night in Edinburgh for Comic Strip

Cheating With You

My favourite promo shoot of the year was The Correspondents ‘Cheating WIth You’. Ian and Tim of The Correspondents are so much fun to watch on stage, they have a travel-a-tor people. I met them when I was performing at the infamous Red Death lates at the BAC and we have been firm friends ever since. So I was chuffed to bits when they asked me to be in their new promo which definitely to floats my DnB roots!


Agent Lynch


New Orleans Burlesque Festival

I made my US festival debut in New Orleans this year. New Orleans is incredible drifting through the French Quarter to with Jazz weaving through the warm air was exactly how I dreamt.

I was also at the festival to represent Secrets in Lace, so it was great time to catch up with founder Dan Whitsett and we even got up at 4am to do Good Morning New Orleans. Please excuse the bad inneundo below- I had only had 4 hours sleep!

Agent Lynch


It was such a treat to perform alongside legends such as Kitten de Ville


To meet legends such as Bambi Jones
and Rita Alexander and to chat to them about the old days was incredible. Here’s an amazing clip of Rita in full B-movie glory from the 60s.

I also got to hang out with my old buddies Bettina May and Vincent Drambuie. They were sweet enough to book me when I first started out so it was wonderful to see them again.

2011 will also see me go on my first tour of Australia.
I will be joining Comic Strip at the Adelaide Fringe Festival with the wonderful Gypsy Wood and Asher Treleaven. Take a look here for booking details and interview.


10th-13th Feb Melbourne
13th-Feb- 19th March Comic Strip at Adelaide Fringe
19th-26th March Sydney
27th- March- 22nd April Melbourne Comedy Festival
22nd April-1st May TBC
1st May Return to UK

I’ll be taking my brand new musical cowbell comedy number ‘Eidelweiss’ too which should be making an appearance at The Box before I depart for Oz. This show has been such a long time in the making, I even got Jonathan Biekerdike who made my robotic bra to make me an extra special squirting milk rigg. I’ll try and get some footage and pics up soon.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012 cabaret friends.

Agent L x

Kate Middleton goes bad at Guts for Garters

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Cassie Beadle, my impossibly glamorous friend has opened an impossibly glamorous concept store called Guts for Graters with her friend Rachel Chudley in the Cob Gallery Camden. www.gutsforgarters.com

by Georgia Kuhn

by Georgia Kuhn

The theme of the shop changes every 4 months with the opening one being ‘The Royal We’. With bespoke wallpaper, a giant neon Elizabeth 1st signature it truly look amazing.

The launch party was the perfect opportunity for me to debut my Kate Middleton show. There are not many burlesque shows you go shopping for at the Tower of London gift shop, but I thoroughly enjoyed being a bride for all of 6 minutes.  I’m thinking of wearing the dress all day on the 29th April and doing wildly inappropriate things all over London as an inebriated Kate Middleton. Long live Princess Kate ( who confusingly also shares my real name).

Here is a wonderful video of the opening night- you can see my show from 2min.

Guts For Garters from Danny McGuinness on Vimeo.





Millicent Binks and Byron

Millicent Binks and Byron

Studio 64 does The Purple One

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 16.09.11

Agent Lynch Purple Rain

A brand new Cabaret and Circus show

22nd March-30th April 2011

The Brickhouse, London

Agent Lynch’s Studio 64 returns with a brand new show ‘Purple Rain’ for a six week run.
A tribute to all things Prince this cabaret show will bring together burlesque circus and music. Hosted by Europe’s premier Prince tribute artist Jimi Sweet (of band Purple Rain) resident acts include drag superstar The Fabulous Russella and jaw dropping Trapeze from Marcos. Plus Trash City Princess Ruby Blues.

Purple Rain will also showcase two brand new burlesque shows from Agent Lynch and costumes from conceptual fashion designers Rachel Freire and Petra Storrs.

Plus Special Guests:
Fancy Chance and Roxy Velvet
Expect motorcycles, smoke machines, flying doves, pyrotechnics, ticker tape showers, outrageous costumes and not forgetting an epic 9 minute Purple Rain finale.

Running 22nd March – 30th April

Saturday Matinee and full Afternoon Tea £30
Dinner and Show £35 Tue-Fri/£40 Sat,Show only £10

Tickets at www.thebrickhouse.co.uk

Jimi Love of Europe’s No 1 Prince Tribute Band Purple Rain

Jimi Love and Purple Rain Live

Fabulous Russella
Fancy Chance
Ruby Blues

Previously at Studio 64

In praise on Studio 64

‘Spectacular costumes and slyly comic performances’
Victoria Huntley, Hackney Gazette

Disco is not dead! We’re contemplating going as Bianca Jagger – now where did we leave our horse?
Time Out Recommends

Glitter Fever and fat ankles

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I had  my first gig of 2010 last weekend. I was really looking forward to Glitter Fever in Paris too, run by the charming Miss Glitter Painkiller. I love the artwork she had done.


But disaster struck. I was pulling some costume from the top of my wardrobe on a chair and as I jumped down. CRACK I went over on my ankle. After a few seconds of adrenalin ‘am I hurt’ fuzz the pain kicked in. And Mr Cutlass was called to ice and finish my packing as I shouted instructiosn from the hall. ‘What does a MAC lipstick look like?’ ‘Like black bullets, bring them all’. Maybe I should feign injury everytime I need packing done?



After a hour moaning I cabbed it to Kings Cross for the Eurostar and was met the end by friend Broadcaster, DJ and fellows 60s chick Marajorie Helen Heche, who helped me hobble to her Parisian apartment. Sadly my plans of roaming Paris cafes on Sunday pre-show were dashed and I spent the day ice packs and croissant indoors instead. Boo. But it good company!

But on a cocktail of Sauvignon, nurofen and some onstage adrenalin I managed to get through the shows. Congratulations of Miss Glitterpainkiller for a sell out launch night!


This is not my 'in pain' face- it's my sexy face. Although they probably look much the same...

The Rocky Horror Review

The Rocky Horror Review

Miss Glitterpainkiller

Miss Glitterpainkiller


As I was backstage mostly I missed most of the shows, but I did catch some of the Rocky Horror review. It brought back memories of my parents taking me and my sisters to see it at Theatre Royal Newcastle, Jason Donavan was Frankenfurter. I loved it and I remember in the interval a transsexual came up to my Dad ‘Hello Nick!, it turned out he used to work for him as Barry. It was a scandal to my 12 year old mind, but in retrospect going up to your old boss in showgirl tuxedo leotard, fishnets and a top hat in 1996 took guts! I hope ‘Sandra’ is a very happy lady now.

Here’s a video that was broadcast on 20 minutes France  and a written interview avec moi. Don’t all the French girls in the show look so effortlessly chic!




There is nothing ironic about an erection at the BBC

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Just before Christmas I was ferried to BBC Bush House on a snowy December night to discuss Burlesque on BBC Worldservice Newshour with journalist Laurie Penny.

You can listen to the segment here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/8474636158566bd6/]Burlesque.mp3 – 4.68MB


The feature was prompted with the release of the film Burlesque and Christina Aguilera’s performance on X Factor which Laurie Penny commented on in her article for the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/dec/13/burlesque-sex-empowerment-misogyny.

Neither of which I think represent the majority of Burlesque performances. I haven’t even seen Burlesque, but I have heard from a reputable source that it does contain some nice set pieces and some well researched Burlesque references. However anyone who has been to a high-end Burlesque show in London will attest that modern burlesque amounts to more than lip syncing to show tunes in some Ann Summers suspenders, and red lipstick.

Being asked to do this debate was actually a good opportunity to actually seriously sit down (well over cava in the pub) and think about what Burlesque means to me and is it like Laurie Penny claims in her article simply the act ‘of withholding sex’ and therefore disempowering to women? I don’t think Burlesque is either empowering or disempowering to women. It is a piece of theatre. I have had many women tell me they have felt their confidence boosted by coming to shows or going to Burlesque classes, this is great. However to say that me stripping on stage is empowering would be ridiculous.

Like any artform audience members have different take outs of a performance. Some people will be will be amused, some empowered some maybe even aroused. However to say that a Burlesque audience is full of men with groaning erections feverishly wanking is a fiction. Burlesque audiences are made up of the majority of women for a reason, that it is great entertainment. Yes there is a element of sexuality in some shows is stronger than others, quite frankly I enjoy being sexy in inventive, often comical ways during my performances. To say that until women have achieved full equality to men that women’s sexuality should be hidden in the entertainment arena and is doing a disservice to the wider ‘cause’ is a very narrow view. Should actresses in plays be judged for disrobing? as with burlesque nudity is just part of the story.

Laurie Penny and I actually agreed that the ‘bland rehearsal of sexual frustration’ of some burlesque shows is not ironic or subversive. I would argue this is just poor burlesque shows, far from being outraged with this sort of performance, I’m just bored. To tar all burlesque performances with the same tawdry brush is to dismiss some great performers. Are films like Burlesque the death knell for subversive burlesque? Probably not, subversive Burlesque has little to do with the corset and feathers routines and will continue regardless. But does Burlesque have to be subversive to be a valid piece of theatre? As long as it’s a polished, creative and exciting performance I’m still rapt with or without political statement.

So in conclusion no indeed there is nothing ironic about and erection at a burlesque show, so will then aroused gentlemen at the back please stand up, all errr, none of you.

Launch of Studio 64 Vintage Erotica Film Club

The first Studio 64 Vintage Erotica Film Club was a SELL-OUT! Thank you to everyone who came and  joined in the filthy Halloween fun.

Karma Sutra Pumpkin carved by my own fair hand

Karma Sutra Pumpkin carved by my own fair hand

Also special, special thank you to The Erotic Review’s Kate Copstick and Harmony Films award winning Director Gazzman who provided an increbibly enlightening and entertaining talk. On horror, pornography and why you can’t go wrong with a cape and mask to get pulses racing…..

Kate Copstick

Kate Copstick

After that we settled down for a salacious walk through pornographic and erotic films from 1913′s A Grass Sandwich, to the 60s, which definitely did swing.



The next Vintage Erotica Film Club will take place on Friday 19th November.


John Holmes

John Holmes

Studio 64, London’s first Vintage Erotic Film Club  returns after a sell-out Halloween launch night.

Doors open at 7pm for cocktails in the cinema’s private bar. With our short Introductory lecture at 7:45 by our special guest speaker Nigel Wingrove of Salvation films. Nigel will be speaking on censorship of pornography, he himself in 1996  challenged the British Board of Film Classification, which has refused to grant a distribution certificate for his short film “Visions of Ecstasy” on the grounds that it was blasphemous, and took his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Then the John Holmes marathon commences. John Holmes was arguably the most famous porn star of all time, and inspiration behind Boogie Nights and star of over 2500 films and loops, and infamous for being in possession of the largest ‘appendage’ of the industry. Expect moustaches, hair chests and so-hammy-its-brilliant acting.

Studio 64 is a chance to see some of the most exciting and erotic films ever made in the a decadent and exclusive environment. These monthly screenings will be held at the beautiful Art deco tribute Soho Sanctum Hotel Screening room.  http://www.sanctumsoho.com/screenings-events.html

IMG_3432 (Small)IMG_3351 (Small)IMG_3449 (Small)

There are just 36 tickets available for each each screening and on booking your ticket through www.ticketweb.co.uk you will receive an exclusive Soho Sanctum disocunt code which will give you room at the following special Studio 64 rates so you can continue your evening in style and luxury.

Crash Pad – £170.00

Superior – £200.00

Deluxe – £ 250.00

Junior Suite – £300.00

Junior Deluxe Suite – £400.00

To book your £20 seat and to receive your special Sanctum discount code click here:

light-final-small (1)

Photography and design by Boris Conte

Castings suck and Why don’t you Love me?

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I really hate castings for commercial jobs. Not only are they very time consuming, the getting ready, schlepping to Soho, the waiting, the mild humiliation when you are asked to ‘dance sexually, but innocent’, ‘be a 1950s housewife, perky but not too perky’, ‘say Mmm’. I sometimes crack under the pressure.

The one I went for last week was for a clothing chain commercial where I was told it I had to dance (I imagined in a loose ‘I’m having fun in my fabulous high street outfit kind of way’) but instead I got in there and was told to have a ‘private joyous moment putting my shoes on’.

Suddenly in the middle of a studio floor with a camera pointed at my face I can’t even think how I put my shoes on usually and ‘private moment’ with a shoe instantly fills my head with mildly pornographic images. What follows is the most awkward shoe putting on moment of my life. I’m struggling to get my heel in while a manic ‘Oh how I love my shoes’ smile cracks across my face. I’m not even that much of a shoe girl, why am I here? I thought I’d de dancing? My heel won’t fucking go in this bloody shoe.

‘Ok that’s great, one more time’ smiles the Director.

I repeat the above only with more smile/grimace and a fine layer of sweat accumulating on my top lip.

I leave a failure, passing other girls on the corridor, all inevitably more adept at putting shoes on for me.

However all this is  a major contrast to my casting for this promo for Sixnationstate’s ‘Why Don’t you Love me?  One Helena Turk from Archers Mark had seen my Je T’aime show at a party in Nottinghill and recommended me (thank you!). This casting basically consisted of me chatting with the Director Mike the producer Stacy, being told I had the job and they would arrange a stylist to take me shopping. I daresay the nicest casting ever.

The shoot was spread over two days. The first was a photographic shoot for a faux men’s magazine cover. Shot on real film – all my favourite pics are shot like this which was then magiced into a men’s mag cover by Church of London who make the brilliant Little White Lies magazine. http://www.thechurchoflondon.com/work/in-house-publishing/little-white-lies-29/


The final magazine cover Jamie Roberts/Archer's Mark for the photos - Rob Longworth/Church of London

The final magazine cover Jamie Roberts/Archer's Mark for the photos - Rob Longworth/Church of London

Then a couple of weeks later in July we shot in my favourite Vintage Furniture shop Speedy’s. They had transformed it into my boudoir for the afternoon where I played records, danced aroud naked and drank fake gin. So pretty much a home away from home, if you discount the faux part of the gin.



My lovely bedroom for the afternoon

My lovely bedroom for the afternoon
If only Tricia Temple was on hand to do my make-up every dau

If only Tricia Temple was on hand to do my make-up every day


We wrapped about 6pm  and then as I wasn’t due back on set until 10 I went back home for some dinner as I lived nearby.Hurrah.

The crew then shot the street shots of the band before the whole production moved to the golf driving range near Liverpool Street Station. Where we danced, and played golf till about 4am. The song ‘ Why don’t you love me?’ is soo catchy and I really enjoyed spinning round the astroturf to it. I got to wear a great dress that Lucy Freeth made for me topped off my my Great-Granny’s fur.

Agent Lynch6nswdylm12


Here’s me being a gracious winner of the 3am driving competition. Aren’t you proud Dad?

LAB ROLL 001 Pro Res1LAB ROLL 001 Pro Res2

All in all one of my favourite shoots ever. Huge thanks to everyone at Archer’s Mark especially Mike and Stacey for making everything happen and of course the band for make a brilliant song.

You can find out more about Six Nation State here http://www.myspace.com/sixnationstatetheband and all the lovely people at Archer’s Mark and the hi res video here http://www.archersmark.co.uk/music-promos/sixnationstate-why-dont-you-love-me/

And finally the finished video

Agent Lynch’s Top 10 Films of the 60s (Part I)

1. Belle de Jour (1967) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061395/

Directed by Luis Bunuel this film had so many vivid scenes I thought about them for days afterward. It was only on my third watch that I realised it was completely without music. The story is that Severine (Catherine Deneuve) is very cool physically, chaste with her husband, but with a secret sexual fantasy world, which leads her to becoming an afternoon prostitute. The film opens with the haunting sound of bells attached to a horse and trap and the image of Deneuve sitting there in her bright red coat and the flicker of a pleasure in her face as pain is inflicted on her are such startling images.


Her wardrobe was designed by Yves Saint Laurent, all military hard edges and straight lines hinting at her own restrictive personal exterior. After seeing the film I spent ages hunting down a black PVC mac as an homage only to have it stolen from a party weeks later. Stylish thieving bastards.


Oh when looking for images I found this great blog http://clothesonfilm.com/belle-de-jour-sex-and-alienation/4470/

2. Barbarella (1968) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062711/


Roger Vadim who directed this film was a philanderer of epically beautiful women of Gainsbourg proportions managing to have a children with Deneuve, Jane Fonda and having an affair with Bardot. Legend. Here they are backstage with their child.

The story goes that the role of Barbarella was originally intended for Bardot. Don’t get me wrong I adore Bardot but the knowing campness of Fonda’s performance really makes this film for me. Well that along with fantastical sets, brilliant soundtrack by Bob Crewe and Charles Fox and Paco Rabanne costumes- which apparently were very uncomfortable to wear.


This film inspired one of my favourite performances, I owe so much of my styling inspiration to this film. On multiple watches I am still drawn in by the wonderful atmosphere, the out and out 60s of it all. Anita Pallenburg even makes an appearance as The Great Tyrant, although hilariously dubbed. Also the opening credits  have to be one of the best of all time! http://www.artofthetitle.com/2009/01/23/barbarella/ / This film makes me nostalgic for the creativeness of film sets pre-computer graphics, I t must have been so thrilling for the actors with not a green screen in sight.


In Fonda’s autobiography she explained how terrified she was filming on a piece of glass 20ft above the studio. Her gleeful leg kicks are testament to her fear defying acting skills. A zero gravity striptease remains one of my lifetime ambitions.

3. The Tenth Victim (1965) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059095/mediaindex


Definitely one of my top 5 Icons of the 60s, Ursula Andres is the star of this campy classic. As mentioned previously her ‘killer bra’ scene inspired my Studio 54 show. Co-starring Marcello Mastroianni of ’La Dolce Vita’ fame it’s a futuristic romp around Rome where the world’s population are divided into ‘Hunters and Victims’, in a survival of the fittest population control exercise. Andres being ,of course, one of the fittest and best Hunters, Ursula I salute you in your hotness!

10th victim

I loved the 60s vision of the future in this film, un-constricting clothing, flat white Courreges style boots, cut out clothes. During the 60s there was real optimism about the future, as the Cold War drew to an end and leaps were made in technology and manufacturing. If only the actual future looked more like the 60s vision! Sigh. Where have the catsuits, helmets and beehives gone?


I would recommend this excellent book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fear-Fashion-Cold-Jane-Pavitt/dp/1851775447 that was bought for me at the brilliant V&A exhibition a last year which explains how political and social issues influenced 60s fashion.

4.The Graduate (1967) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061722/

I remember vividly watching this film one rainy Saturday afternoon with my Dad. Probably not the most suitable film for a 10 year old, but I can’t remember being embarrassed by the sexy bits. In fact isn’t there a burlesque dancer in the nightclub scene? Dad you planted the seed early!


This shot of Anne Bancroft’s leg has surely got to be one of the most iconic sexy images of all time?  You may not notice it now but the montage scene of Ben whiling away his days at his parents’ house was groundbreaking in the way they had one shot leading to the other. There is a great article on the techniques that Mike Nichols used here http://www.filmsite.org/grad.html


The music too is amazing, ‘Sound of Silence’ is one of my favourite songs perfect listlessness and then crescendo. The Graduate has to be one of the best coming-of-age films, and the look on their faces as the bus at the end pulls away is cinematic gold.


Odd Fact: Anne Bancroft (Mrs Robinson) was only 6 years older than Dustin Hoffman when the Graduate was filmed.

2001: Space Odyssey (1968) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062622/


It’s hard to believe that this film was made in 1968 it still doesn’t look dated and quite frankly out classes pretty much every other science fiction film ever made. I first saw this film aged 19 when I ran away to New York  for the summer between my First and Second Year at Bristol. Me and my flatmate Andrew went to see it an open air screening in Bryant Park. It was electric and I remember everyone cheering a clapping as the monkeys (spoiler alert!) learnt how to make fire.


The film is visionary and when it was released at the height of the space race it must have felt like the technology in this film was literally just a few decades away (I wish).  The images that stay with me are the cylindrical running track, and the that  amazing under lit floor in the final scene complete with baroque furniture.  Even though I don’t fully understand the ending I love it, the cyclical nature of space, life, giant babies and all.


Performance (1970- let me have it will you?)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066214/


I only actually saw this film for the first time last year. I like 60s films set in London and I loved seeing the ramshackleness of all the giant houses in Nottinghill.  This film paved the way for so many British Gangster films, you can clearly see some borrowed camera techniques in the brilliant Gangster No. 1 with Paul Bettany. Charles Fox who plays the gangster on the run spent months in South London hanging out with real crime lords to get into character, he was previously known  for romantic leading man roles. I think he did a pretty good  job, saying that my only experience of South London gangsters has been seeing them in film, played by actors.

e-jagger,0I love the bohemian world Anita Pallenburg and Mick Jaggers’ character live in, they were even rumoured to have had an affair.

This film to me captures a zeitgeist if the hippy 60s living alongside a still brutal underworld and I love the scene of Jagger rocking out with a fluorescent light and using a monolithic synthesizer .  There is also a total disregard for continuity when Charles Fox covers himself in red paint, its almost laughable. But the ending as the car drives away did make me go ‘Ohhhhhhhh!’.

Part II coming soon. I’m off to Bestival tomorrow whoo hoo.

Studio 64 now running at The Brickhouse

4300 mirror pieces glued, 20m of tasseling and one white horse called Donna Studio 64 disco cabaret and Circus is on!

Here is a glimpse of our press night….all pictures by Sin Bozkurt www.sinbozkurt.com

I'm an Indian too!

I'm an Indian too!

If only I could enter every room like this...

If only I could enter every room like this...my Bianca Jagger tribute

Oooh I Feel Love!

Oooh I Feel Love!

The Beautiful Beaux Belles Love to Love youbb 22

The Beautiful Beaux Belles Love to Love you

Donald Choi 'The Disco needs YOU!'

Donald Choi 'The Disco needs YOU!'

hoop 14

Glory Pearl takes Enid out for a walk

Glory Pearl takes Enid out for a walk

she makes its look easy

she makes its look easy

Team 64!

Team 64!

and stretch...

and stretch...

Agent 99

We are at the Brickhouse Wednesday to Saturday all through August, with a rotating line up. Next week we have the incredible Kitty Bang Bang who is doing a bespoke Disco Inferno tribute for us and not forgetting Brian Bagley Scott all the way from Paris 18-28th August.

Here are a few behind the scenes too…..

planning the horse pulling route with Hugo, tactical stuff...

planning the horse pulling route with Hugo, tactical stuff...

It was all going so well...

It was all going so well...

after careful planning we hit a door runner on the way out and I almost fall off, not exactly chic but pretty bloody hilarious.

after careful planning we hit a door runner on the way out and I almost fall off, not exactly chic but pretty bloody hilarious.

still laughing

still laughing

Our stage manager Allen. He quite frankly rules.

Our stage manager Allen. He quite frankly rules.

Allen and superstar Brikhouser Becky

Allen and superstar Brikhouser Becky

Hugo massively stealing the limelight.

Hugo massively stealing the limelight.

Behind Scenes 20

Launch of Pyro Bra, New Studio 64, and Live Every Litre


I have been pretty sparse on the blogs of late. A mixture of wanting to do an epicly long update and being tied up performing and planning!

So here is a quick update.


My 70s influenced Cabaret show Studio 64 has been booked by the Brickhouse for the first two weeks of August! Hurrah. It will be hosted by Dusty Limits (doing a wonerful turn as Andy Warhol) and Myra Dubois and with acts including  64 house dance troupe The Beaux Belles, geriatric disco pole magic from Miss Glory Pearl and Laurie Hagen amongst others!

Stay tuned for more details soon!

We are having a warm up this Friday at Winterwell Festival www.winterwell.co.uk where Studio 64 will be taking over the Main Tent for some cabaret magic.

This week also sees the launch of my Pyro bra. It’s been over a year in the making but Robotics Whizz and all round good guy Jonathan Bickerdike has pulled it out the bag and made me the exploding bra of my dreams. Huzzzah!

You can see his lovely test video he did for me here! http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/video/video.php?v=10150226220035145&ref=mf

I was inspired by this amazing scene from one of my favourite films ‘The 10th Victim’.  It’s such a great scene and I Ursula is just sex on legs to me and don’t even get me started on the outfits in this film.

I’m perfoming my new revamped Studio 54 Donna Summer show with the new bra on Thursday for the the very worthy cause of Macmillan Brick Lane Take over after party at Brickhouse. http://www.bricklanetakeover.org.uk/

See you then and hopefully pics of the bra in action soon. Plus I need to do an update of my Live Every Litre Project with Honda.
In case you missed it this is what I did on my birthday. You know, just your average getting near naked in Montmartre kinda thing.