Glitter Fever and fat ankles

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I had  my first gig of 2010 last weekend. I was really looking forward to Glitter Fever in Paris too, run by the charming Miss Glitter Painkiller. I love the artwork she had done.


But disaster struck. I was pulling some costume from the top of my wardrobe on a chair and as I jumped down. CRACK I went over on my ankle. After a few seconds of adrenalin ‘am I hurt’ fuzz the pain kicked in. And Mr Cutlass was called to ice and finish my packing as I shouted instructiosn from the hall. ‘What does a MAC lipstick look like?’ ‘Like black bullets, bring them all’. Maybe I should feign injury everytime I need packing done?



After a hour moaning I cabbed it to Kings Cross for the Eurostar and was met the end by friend Broadcaster, DJ and fellows 60s chick Marajorie Helen Heche, who helped me hobble to her Parisian apartment. Sadly my plans of roaming Paris cafes on Sunday pre-show were dashed and I spent the day ice packs and croissant indoors instead. Boo. But it good company!

But on a cocktail of Sauvignon, nurofen and some onstage adrenalin I managed to get through the shows. Congratulations of Miss Glitterpainkiller for a sell out launch night!


This is not my 'in pain' face- it's my sexy face. Although they probably look much the same...

The Rocky Horror Review

The Rocky Horror Review

Miss Glitterpainkiller

Miss Glitterpainkiller


As I was backstage mostly I missed most of the shows, but I did catch some of the Rocky Horror review. It brought back memories of my parents taking me and my sisters to see it at Theatre Royal Newcastle, Jason Donavan was Frankenfurter. I loved it and I remember in the interval a transsexual came up to my Dad ‘Hello Nick!, it turned out he used to work for him as Barry. It was a scandal to my 12 year old mind, but in retrospect going up to your old boss in showgirl tuxedo leotard, fishnets and a top hat in 1996 took guts! I hope ‘Sandra’ is a very happy lady now.

Here’s a video that was broadcast on 20 minutes France  and a written interview avec moi. Don’t all the French girls in the show look so effortlessly chic!


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