Castings suck and Why don’t you Love me?

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I really hate castings for commercial jobs. Not only are they very time consuming, the getting ready, schlepping to Soho, the waiting, the mild humiliation when you are asked to ‘dance sexually, but innocent’, ‘be a 1950s housewife, perky but not too perky’, ‘say Mmm’. I sometimes crack under the pressure.

The one I went for last week was for a clothing chain commercial where I was told it I had to dance (I imagined in a loose ‘I’m having fun in my fabulous high street outfit kind of way’) but instead I got in there and was told to have a ‘private joyous moment putting my shoes on’.

Suddenly in the middle of a studio floor with a camera pointed at my face I can’t even think how I put my shoes on usually and ‘private moment’ with a shoe instantly fills my head with mildly pornographic images. What follows is the most awkward shoe putting on moment of my life. I’m struggling to get my heel in while a manic ‘Oh how I love my shoes’ smile cracks across my face. I’m not even that much of a shoe girl, why am I here? I thought I’d de dancing? My heel won’t fucking go in this bloody shoe.

‘Ok that’s great, one more time’ smiles the Director.

I repeat the above only with more smile/grimace and a fine layer of sweat accumulating on my top lip.

I leave a failure, passing other girls on the corridor, all inevitably more adept at putting shoes on for me.

However all this is  a major contrast to my casting for this promo for Sixnationstate’s ‘Why Don’t you Love me?  One Helena Turk from Archers Mark had seen my Je T’aime show at a party in Nottinghill and recommended me (thank you!). This casting basically consisted of me chatting with the Director Mike the producer Stacy, being told I had the job and they would arrange a stylist to take me shopping. I daresay the nicest casting ever.

The shoot was spread over two days. The first was a photographic shoot for a faux men’s magazine cover. Shot on real film – all my favourite pics are shot like this which was then magiced into a men’s mag cover by Church of London who make the brilliant Little White Lies magazine.


The final magazine cover Jamie Roberts/Archer's Mark for the photos - Rob Longworth/Church of London

The final magazine cover Jamie Roberts/Archer's Mark for the photos - Rob Longworth/Church of London

Then a couple of weeks later in July we shot in my favourite Vintage Furniture shop Speedy’s. They had transformed it into my boudoir for the afternoon where I played records, danced aroud naked and drank fake gin. So pretty much a home away from home, if you discount the faux part of the gin.



My lovely bedroom for the afternoon

My lovely bedroom for the afternoon
If only Tricia Temple was on hand to do my make-up every dau

If only Tricia Temple was on hand to do my make-up every day


We wrapped about 6pm  and then as I wasn’t due back on set until 10 I went back home for some dinner as I lived nearby.Hurrah.

The crew then shot the street shots of the band before the whole production moved to the golf driving range near Liverpool Street Station. Where we danced, and played golf till about 4am. The song ‘ Why don’t you love me?’ is soo catchy and I really enjoyed spinning round the astroturf to it. I got to wear a great dress that Lucy Freeth made for me topped off my my Great-Granny’s fur.

Agent Lynch6nswdylm12


Here’s me being a gracious winner of the 3am driving competition. Aren’t you proud Dad?

LAB ROLL 001 Pro Res1LAB ROLL 001 Pro Res2

All in all one of my favourite shoots ever. Huge thanks to everyone at Archer’s Mark especially Mike and Stacey for making everything happen and of course the band for make a brilliant song.

You can find out more about Six Nation State here and all the lovely people at Archer’s Mark and the hi res video here

And finally the finished video

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