Agent Lynch’s Studio 64 Friday 9th October

Agent Lynch Studio 64back

Dance under the famous magic mirror ball!

Canoodle in the cosmic kissing booth, and enjoy a night of far-out cabaret starring:

Prolific one man band and modern-day Jimi Hendrix: Lewis Floyd Henry!

I LOVE LEWIS! If you have seen a man with surrounded by 100s of people on Brick Lane on a Sunday you have been Floyd-ed.

Lewis and I performed together at 100 Club (supporting Chas’n'Dave- sob!) a few months ago- he  androcked out, I Go-Goed my arse off and had a jolly good time. So I am very excited to welcome him back for a full live set. Prepare to be amazed how one man can make so much sweet noise!

Unrivalled 1960s all-male dance troupe The Action Men. See them go-go-Go!

Definitely the most original dance troupe I have seen in a long time. Check out their fantastic Alan Whicker tribute show here ( kind of like 1960s dads doing a choreographed dance down Carnaby street in 1967)

And I, your host, and burlesque vixen Agent Lynch will take you on a journey to outer space with my Studio 54 and new Barbarella show!

All with a delicious soundtrack of choice 50 and 60s sounds from gorgeous (trust me!) girl duo THE DEBUTANTES.

Then a naughty late-night slice of electro from CHARLIE BOY (SHAMELESS DISCO)

Dress: 60s Space Kitten, Studio 54 VIP Room, man-made fibres.


Be there or be square and that.

xxx Lynchy

Previously at Studio 64…..


The Correspondents!

The Correspondents!


Spandrex Andrex

Spandrex Andrex

Beautiful revellers!

Beautiful revellers!


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