Agent Lynch’s Wendy Bevan shoot for TEST Magazine

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Years ago, before I was a burlesque dancer, but after I had become disillusioned by the world of advertising (my previous occupation), I was a fashion intern. I really wanted to be a fashion, so I spent 8 months essentially being a free courier/packing service for various fashion mags. I spent days tramping round London returning clothes and bags to PR companies, and trust me NO ONE feels sorry for a 22 year-old girl carrying 6 bulging Prada bags.

Anyway, I spotted Wendy Bevan’s photographs in an issue of Tank (where I was interning at the time) and I loved them.

A beautiful self portrait by Wendy

A beautiful self portrait by Wendy

I saw her a few months later at fashion party snapping away at some gorgeous Christopher Kane clad models. I was too scared to approach her ( I always felt a bit of a wallflower at those things), she just looked too damn cool.  But, by strange twists and turns, and after being introduced by our mutual friend Ian Bruce (of The Correspondents) we are now Best Friends Forever. Thanks Ian!

Wendy was approached to do a shoot for the new magazine TEST which is run my Vogue’s Art Director Jaime Perlman and she asked me to be her model du jour. Yay. We shot the story in my friend Babs Behan’s magical garden in Dalston (who does awesome playsuits by the way

The clothes were a mix of my own and the stylist Katie Felsted’s call-ins and her own amazing white kid leather shorts! So I ended tramping round in my favourite leopard print catsuit but heeled in Laboutins, and then having an Ophelia moment in the pond (sans Laboutins!).  What a lovely way to spend a day.

Check out my shoot and the other fantastic pictures and videos at

Update on my Je T’aime Super 8 film coming soon,

La Lynch xxx

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