How many hours in a day are there in Paris?

Aurelia Thevenin shoot, Gentry de Paris Revue and Pascale Lourmand Exhibition

5:15am: Eurostar, Kings Cross London: Well the law finally caught up to me and I had my Agent Lynch pistol confiscated at Kings Cross Eurostar! Nooo. Apparently since there is no hold luggage on the train, they had fears I could brandish it en-route and hold up the buffet car for a continental breakfast. Luckily, I managed to persuade them not to put in the bin and to let me pick it up on my return the next day. But still major bums as I was planning to use it in my photoshoot. Damn you international terrorism!

10:30am: I arrived at studio Daguerre in Paris for my shoot with the fashion photographer Aurélia Thévenin at Studio Daguerre. I sadly don’t speak much French past my rubbish GCSE level stuff ’ Ou est le hotel de ville? anyone?’. However while my knowledge of French town planning was next to useless it amazing how much you can understand by using your hands and smiling.

Agent Lynch ParisAgent Lynch Paris (2)

The shoot was more cheesecake than my usual style but I enjoyed camping it up with a pistachio macaroon to match my new James Bond show dress. It was a fun shoot, lots of leaping in the air, and I got to eat the macaroon after. In my head I was in a Clinque Happy ad- so Fraaaanch! Then it was a quick change into my Barbarella lingerie. Click. Click. Click.

12:30pm: My friend Vicky Butterfly arrived, Vicky is one of my favourite performers so it was lovely to see her. Her black costume was simply divine, belle epoque!

Agent Lynch Paris (6)Agent Lynch Paris (7)

2:30pm: We then wandered back to Lalla Morte’s apartment where we were staying for the night picking up some flowers and chocolates for the Gentry de Paris Revue girls on the way.

6:30pm: After a bath, and a little rest we headed out to for a pre-theatre steak dinner with Cherry Shakewell andTrixie sparkle in Pigalle.

Agent Lynch Paris (9)

My Sarajevo Festival buddy Lady Flo and Trixi Sparkles

My Sarajevo Festival buddy Lady Flo and Trixie Sparkles

8pm: We arrived at the Casino de Paris for the Gentry de Paris Revue. Gentry is a brilliant promoter and performer. I debued my Je t’aime show at her night in Paris in May and my good friend Millicent Binks was perfoming too. Dita was performing her Cointreauversial Martini glass show and her new spectacular The Opium Den as well. Triple whammy!

Me, Lalla, Vicky and Chrys Columbine pre show!

Me, Lalla, Vicky and Chrys Columbine pre show!

Papped by the lovely Nirit Sumeruk

Papped by the lovely Nirit Sumeruk

We sat down at our table, bought some silly priced champagne and tried to make it last for the whole show. You can read a lovely revue of the show here:

Gentry on her star!

Gentry on her star!

Dita's Opium Den Show

Dita's Opium Den Show

It was faboosh! Highlights for me were seeing Binksy peel off her petals and Dita’s new Opium Den show. Congratulations to Gentry for pulling off such an ambitious project with aplomb! We heard it got better and better with every show.

11:30 pm: Then it was off to Kube Hotel for the Pascale Lourmand Exhibition and Dita’s afterparty. It was exciting to see all our pictures on the wall! I modelled for the exhibition back in July in the Kube’s Ice Bar. It was -20 degrees with wind machine, in diamond underwear! How I suffer for my art.

Millicent Binks, Cherry Shakewell, Trixie Sparkle, Julietta La Doll and Mimi Monmartre and Vicky Butterfly were also in the pictures. Here is mine, bravo Pascale!

Agent Lynch Pascale Lourmand

We all drunkenly piled into the ice bar- funnily enough not feeling so cold anymore!Beautiful Binksy!

Beautiful Binksy!

Agent Lynch Paris (12)

Vicky Butterfly

Vicky Butterfly

Julietta La Doll and Albert

Julietta La Doll and Albert

3am: After some mingling, a lot of cocktails and a dance off to Gentry’s DJ skills I liberated my tired toots from my swarovski sandals and caught a taxi back about 3am to Lalla’s and said good bye to Paris. ZZZzzz


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