Agent Lynch is a ‘Queen of Vintage’ & Gentry comes to London

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A few months ago I was lucky enough to meet Lena from which is a fantastic site. I had to go to a casting as a 50s style nurse the other day ( sacrilege! my 60s sisters I know), and its the first place I looked for some hair and make-up inspiration. Also luckily for [...]

Agent Lynch’s Wendy Bevan shoot for TEST Magazine

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Years ago, before I was a burlesque dancer, but after I had become disillusioned by the world of advertising (my previous occupation), I was a fashion intern. I really wanted to be a fashion, so I spent 8 months essentially being a free courier/packing service for various fashion mags. I spent days tramping round London [...]

Bestival Swan Song of the Summer

Friday: Bestival was upon us again last weekend, the last festival of the summer! Last year the festival was plagued by a LOT of rain, so we were all keeping our fingers crossed for an Indian summer. We lucked out it was beauuuutiful! I was performing 6 shows, 4 at Time for Tease Tent and [...]

How many hours in a day are there in Paris?

Aurelia Thevenin shoot, Gentry de Paris Revue and Pascale Lourmand Exhibition 5:15am: Eurostar, Kings Cross London: Well the law finally caught up to me and I had my Agent Lynch pistol confiscated at Kings Cross Eurostar! Nooo. Apparently since there is no hold luggage on the train, they had fears I could brandish it en-route and [...]

Agent Lynch at Urban Outfitters

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Last November I modelled for the photographer Elsa Quarsell for her projects on burlesque dancers in their homes. She took this picture of me in my boudoir and in July it made it onto the cover of The Sunday Times Spectrum Magzine. Huzzah! After an exhibition at Time for Tease in Shoreditch she is [...]

Reading VIP Tent Mission Report

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   BazalgetteIt’s the first time I have been to Reading, the crowd are a bit younger than most of the festivals I perform at. You get the feeling that these kids have saved up their money to come all summer, and they are bloody well going to make the most of it! I like it! [...]